Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a new eye liner

I am traditionally a cream eye liner gal; however, the other day when I was purchasing my mascara I noticed that there was a "matching" eyeliner. So, I decided I should check it out.

My new eye liner is a liquid liner; Voluminous L'Oreal Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner. I love it! I have worn it now for the 5th day in a row, and I must say, I really like it. What makes this eyeliner so unique is the marker chisel tip. I prefer a very thin line applied to the lash line, with this marker tip, I can do just that very easily, without mess.

I do miss being able to smear my cream liner to make a more smoky look, however, I like how clean a line this marker creates. I have a feeling I will be switching to this for a little while, however, my cream liner will continue to hang out in my makeup bag, because some days you just need a different look.

An added bonus, when I wash my face it removes very easily, unlike the cream liner, I usually have to do a second wash to remove smudges from the delicate under eye skin.

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@JessEsco said...

I love my stiletto eyeliner from Hmmm.. Loreal? Idk who it is but I do like the liquid eyeliner. It scared me but with the right one it makes it a lot easier. I'll have to check this one out.