Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall & Winter is apon us!

It is that time of year again, time to change your foundation to one that is more skin friendly for the current environment you are located in. When the weather changes you will notice as you get older your skin changes drastically from season to season. For example in the winter my face gets so dry, occasionally if I am not careful, painfully dry and feels like it might shatter at any given moment.

In the summer I like to use a tinted oil free moisturizer with SPF protection. In the winter I switch it up. I need a little more moisture.

When getting your new color of foundation make sure that you swab it across the high cheek area and even across the nose if you feel so bold. Ideally you want to take a swab of the color and streak it across a long strip of the face without rubbing it in. REPEAT, Do not rub it in! The perfect match will match your skin color without you having to rub it in, that is right, I said it! However say you are not in a perfect world and they do not have your color, pick the next best shade without rubbing it in. Remember, usually you are going to get more pale as the winter months progress, unless you get to snow ski through out the winter in which you have beautiful rosy cheeks!

Pick a foundation that works specifically for your needs. Oily skin use oily free formulas. If you are dry you will want an anti-aging formula to prevent dry out. In addition to those layers there is do you want to address problems you have in your skin like color spots or wrinkles, or maybe you want added sun protection, shop around you will find a HUGE assortment of foundations cream and powder based to meet your needs!

Here is my favorite for the winter months: I couple this with a heavy duty moisturizer!

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@JessEsco said...

Can't wait to buy the Even Better. Because I burned through my Body Shop blotting papers!