Monday, July 7, 2008

Find your perfect shades!

I was indulging in my People Magazine on a road trip this past Fourth of July weekend and I came across this and thought I would share!

This article determines which shape of sunglasses work with your shape face. Who couldn’t use this information!

Long Face Shape: Try Wide Oval frames. Wide frames create the illusion of less length. Ovals, oversize round shapes and aviators are good options. Avoid: Vertical lines and sharp angles.

Round Face Shape: Try Angular Rectangle. Angular frames detract from roundness. Square, rectangular and glasses with high temples will flatter you. Avoid: Rounded or curved styles.

Heart Face Shape: Try Butterfly Shape. Frames that dip between the eyes breaks up the width of the forehead. Avoid: styles with hard horizontals across the top and pointed bottoms.

Square Face Shape: Oversized Round. Curved, oval or round frames with long lenses soften angles and make face appear longer. Avoid: Squares, rectangles and any hard angles.

Oval Face Shape: Classic Style. Any style you like. You can pull off most any shape as long as the glasses are in proportion to your face and features. Experiment with sizes and styles.

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