Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seriously... I have to wash my makeup brushes?

So, I was putting on my makeup the other day and I realized... When was the last time that I washed my makeup brush? I about cringed! I have had a lot going on lately so my makeup brushes have really taken a back seat. Which is BAD! Very bad. Not only do they carry bacteria in them that you are constantly continuing to put on your face but your makeup builds up in the brushes and just doesn't apply properly. So, I set aside five minutes and cleaned the much needed brushes! This morning when applying my makeup I was like, YES that is the way it is supposed to go on!

So, how to clean your makeup brushes?

There are options here. You can use an actual cleaner made for your brushes like the Clinique makeup brush cleaner. Just spray it on your brush and use a cloth and wipe clean until all makeup is removed. Careful not to break your bristles.

Or you can use just plain old soap and water... I don't recommend this if you have expensive brushes. Take a dab of soap and water and gently apply soup through out the brush almost as if you were washing a paint brush. Generally it takes several soap dabs to remove all the makeup.

Last place in a container to stand upright to dry.

I am also a fan of the clinique makeup brushes. They are super soft and don't break off when you are applying your makeup. A pet peeve of mine, after I have done my makeup I look down and I am covered in bristles... I am not a fan of brushes that fall apart.

So remember to clean your brushes, It is recommend that you clean after each use; but I am a practical girl, once a week is good for me.

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*~Jess~* said...

You ARE on a roll! Yuck I never thought about washing brushes...not that I have the most high quality stuff but still. Maybe that'll be my next makeup investment.