Friday, August 1, 2008

hair straightner

So, this past weekend I went to visit my girlfriend in Dallas. I like to pack lite so I didn't want to bog my suitcase down with stuff that she might possibly has up there. I figured if worse comes to worse I would just throw my hair up in a pony tail and be free to not deal with it all weekend long.

Well, I am super glad that I did NOT pack my hair straightener, because I got to use hers! And oh MY!! Hers is AMAZING!! No, it isn't one of those ridiculously expensive chi's... It is a Jilbere, I have NEVER heard of this brand before, ever. Let me just tell you, it takes me usually about fifteen minutes to straighten my hair usually, with this flat iron, my hair was done in two minutes! I didn't have to keep running the iron through my hair, which is incredibly bad for it! But normally that is my routine. I run the flat iron over a strip of my hair 2-3 times before it gets it nice and straight.

So, after using this magical flat iron I had to have one for myself, I was worried that it was going to cost me a ridiculous arm, but it was very affordable! I went to Sally's Beauty supply and picked up the straightener for right about forty bucks! My last flat iron cost me thirty and it is worthless!

I am a firmly recommending the brand Jilbere! Here is the link if you would like to look at the flat iron.

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*~Jess~* said...

I want it!!! And it's really affordable. HOORAY!