Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is there an order to put on your makeup?

The other day I was watching as a unknowing woman was putting on her makeup. As she was putting it on, I noticed, why did she put on her eye liner then her eye shadow... It got me thinking, is there a proper order to put on your makeup?

I honestly think so, I think if you put it on in a certain order it will have better "staying power" so to speak. For example you wouldn't put on your blush before your foundation, would you? So, on that note, I will offer up the order in which I believe you should put your make up on.

First always start with your moisturizer, always!
Then put on your foundation, since you just applied your moisturizer your skin is nice and slightly moist to help spread the foundation. Warm the foundation up in your hands before placing it onto your face. Then start in the middle of the face and work your way outward. Working from the middle outward will help prevent any foundation lines.

Next, I apply my cheeks, I use a cream blush. I prefer cream because it is easily controlled and lasts longer than a powder.

From my cheeks I work my way up to my eyes. First things first (for me) I apply a light shimmery cream over my eyelid, just to open up the eye and brighten it. Then I use a cream eye liner right along the lash line, I personally don't care for a hard, bold, line. I think on some people it looks very classic but on myself, it just looks like too much. Then I apply my mascara working from the outer lashes inward.

If I had eyes that did not hold makeup well (oily eye lashes), the eye liner is always smearing, the eye shadow NEVER stays, this is what I would do. I first use a eye base. Clinique has one called Canvas touch base. They have it in multiple shades for almost any skin color once it is blended it. Placing this on the eye works as a "gripper" for the makeup. This is a cream blend so it also has much better staying power. Then apply your eye shadow, if you must be stubborn and buy the cheap stuff it will last much longer when applied over the base. However, if you will buy eye shadow made for women with oily eye lashes you will need to buy a better quality eye shadow. Look for creams, or waterproof eye shadows. There are lots of manufactures out there with lots of colors to choose from. We all have different skin types so why use an eye shadow made for someone else. After you have applied your eye shadow and created the eye you like, then put on your eye liner. Again, use eye liner made for your eye. Waterproof and smudge proof. Test it out on your hand when you buy it, stroke the eyeliner across the back of your hand, let it set (about 60 seconds) then try smudging. If it does not smudge this is the eye liner for you. Last apply mascara, working from the outer lashes inward.

After my eyes, I like to move to my lips, for me usually I like to play up my eyes, so the lips get a lip gloss. They aren't my best feature, so I don't want them to have the attention. If you want your lips to have the attention then down play your eyes.

Finally always set your makeup with a powder. This will help set the makeup and it will help it stay longer.

I hope these tips help you apply your makeup and help it stay on all day long!


Cristina said...

You never fail me with the great tips!
Love it!
This is good wisdom to pass on to little D huh?:)
I'm still beaming from the news!

*~Jess~* said...

I'm scared of cream blush, what do I do?

About Danielle said...

Don't be afraid of cream blush! You actually have more control over it. You dab your clean finger into the cream, and start applying in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks.