Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oblong Face Shape meets the right hair cut

In the past I have done a posting on what is the right haircut for your face shape, but I have never addressed one specific shape. I have a girlfriend that has an oblong face shape and well to be perfectly honest when you have an oblong face shape and you don't have the right hair cut it is no fun. So enters this post!

Oblong face shapes are long and narrow. The goal here is to find a hair cut that balances the length of the face. Which means no long all one length hair, this is going to pull down the hair and make it flat and make your face look even longer! Think of Sarah Jessica Parker. She gets a bad rap as "horse face". I personally think she is beautiful! However, I do believe she has experienced some really unflattering locks since she has taken on the scene. For example these two hair cuts do not do her justice!
These pictures makes her face look like it is so long! Such a pretty woman, not a good hair style for her. The problem with the first picture is the hair is just too long creating a line that does not stop, great for pants and heels but not on your face! The second picture well... I am not sure where to start, the hair is flat all over in color and in style.

Ok, so things to go for with an oblong hair style:
Look for a way to add volume to the face to balance out the length:

Sarah Jessica Parker wears her hair short beautifully, only if it is long layers and cuts at the jaw line, which creates a stopping point for the face. Sense the hair is short the hair is more bouncy allowing it to have more volume which creates more balance.

She also wears her hair great long - as long as the bangs are long and hit high on the cheek to stop the flow of the face from being so long, long layers continuing down the hair line are perfect:
For this face shape one extreme or the other work great; Short hitting at or above the jaw line or long past the sholders, but you can NOT be lazy. Buy good hair products that compliement your hair texture. That does not mean expensive hair products; that means GOOD ones! If they don't work, take them back! Most stores will take back a product if you have used it a few times and are not satisfied with it, so keep your reciept for a few days until you figure out if you like it or not.

If you have a day where you are feeling like you don't want to do your hair, put some product in your hair that makes it wavy and bouncy. One tip that works great mix water and sea salt in a squirt bottle, grab a few pieces of locks and twist them, spray with the sea salt mixture and let dry.

And for crying out loud if you have curly hair and an oblong face and you straighten your hair, reread above! Most women think that curly hair equals frizz. Well let me clarify, it does not. Curly hair is fun and bouncy and needs to be tussled! Not hard and crispy from too much gel or even worse straight!

Here are some cute fringe options for oblong faces:

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