Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair care buildup........ A serious Epidemic

So, last week I was having lunch with one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world, and we were talking about hair,specifically shampoos. She was saying how she loves her shampoo but how she was going to have to switch it up because she is getting that shampoo buildup. I grew up with this theory as well. That if you use a shampoo and conditioner too often you will get "the buildup".

Well, this weekend my new Oprah Magazine came in the mail. we must believe everything we read in that bible right! I mean it is Oprah why on earth would she steer us wrong! Well, there is some advice I will take from her and like any other woman with a well developed brain on my head I will question other and wonder why.

So, in the magazine was this fabulous article busting tons of beauty myths and secrets! I oddled with excitement I couldn't wait to open up the magazine and start reading! Please note, these are not Oprah's recommendations. They are from Beauty professionals one of whom is my most favorite Carmindy from TLC's what not to wear. So, as I working my way through the magazine, I come across the subject of hair product buildup not just once but twice! Two times, noted in different parts of the magazine saying the same exact thing, from two different professionals in the field.

So, this is what the professionals said about shampoo and conditioner buildup. It is a big myth. It does not exist. The way one of them broke it down was like this. You use the same products on our face and skin everyday and yet we do not experience build up from that. Makes sense, I have the same exact routine daily. Not only products that I place on my face, but cleaners that I use to wash those products off.

So, ladies relax and enjoy your shampoo and conditioners, they are not taking over your hair. But if you feel the need to change formulas because you are lacking a little bounce then so be it. Remember, when you change shampoo and conditioners your hair is going to react differently to each because of the formula. Even if they are the same smoothing formula for example, they are made differently, so what you are experiencing is just a change. Almost the same way our skin changes with a change in the weather.

Another something to note that I came accross, SPLIT ENDS!!! The professionals say there is no way on this magificent earth to repair a split end. There is no magical shampoo or conditioner that will do the trick. The only way to repair the hair and keep the end from splitting further is to.... that is right, get a hair cut. So, do not buy rediculously priced shampoos that say they are going to repair that hair, because it can't. It just isn't possible. Instead go spend twenty bucks on a trim. It will give your hair more shine, and more bounce than any shampoo and conditioner ever will.

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