Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smokey Eyes

Today from the request of a dear friend I am going to talk about Smokey eyes! Every woman wants them.. But how do we achieve the perfect smokey eye without looking like we have a black eye, are a porn star or even worse weird lady with WAY too much makeup on…

First things first; put on your foundation make sure you have it seem-less. Then place a little uplighting under your eye (at the top of the cheekbone and inward). If you have dark circles naturally, try adding uplighting to the interior of the corner of the eye. This will lighten the eye area. Next, pick your colors. If you are light skinned try for browns, peaches, Burgundy's. If you are medium tones, you have the whole world to play with, but if this is your first time, try greys, purples, dark greens or blues. Stay away from BLACK! This will do what we talked about above... We don't want a black eye, so don't put it on, at least while you are still new to this.

Now that you have selected your color add your lightest color from the base of the lid up to the eyebrow. Come over next with your next darkest color in the picture it would be the peach color. Place that in the crease of your eye. Go below the bottom lashes smudge a bit down there. Q-tips work great for this, or a small eye liner bush, one of my favorite make-up brushes! If you don't have one; you need to invest! Next come over the base of lid with your darkest color. Don't be afraid that it looks to dark at this point. It is will look slightly awkward until we complete the process. Remember to smudge it to the outside corner of the eye. Add a small line below the bottom lashes with your eye liner brush (or Q-tip).

Next, using the eye liner. This is the crucial point. If you are to complete the smokey eye look you can't be afraid of the eye liner... In the picture she used a deep brown black. Compliment the colors you have used on your eyes. If you used browns stick with a brown. If you used Greens go with a dark green. Line your lashes with a bold yet fine line of liner. On the top go completely from corner to corner. DON'T STOP HALFWAY! On the bottom half do the same corner to corner. Use your liner brush and smudge the liner before it sets. If you are using cream liner you have an advantage, you can smudge as your are placing the liner. I recommend cream liner, it sets quickly usually in 30-45 seconds and it wears all day long. I use Clinique cream liner in Black Honey, daily.

Now that you have your eye make up almost done lets talk about the rest of your face. If you have smokey eyes, your lips need to be nude and your cheeks bare. So choose colors accordingly. You need a little something there so you don't look like Casper but only play up one feature at a time. A nice nude gloss like the one pictured goes a long way on the lips. Set your makeup with your loose powder using a powder brush.

Finally, come over the lashes with a mascara. In the picture they used a black brown. My recommendation, unless your hair is dark brown or black, don't use black mascara. Do your bottom lashes first. Apply to the ends first then work your way into the eye. That goes for both the top and bottom lashes. After your first coat of mascara dries apply your second coat.

Now your look should be complete without making your look over done. If it isn't just perfect keep practicing, work at making the perfect smudge transition to the outside corners of the eyes. Also, play with the colors that you use. Don't be afraid of color, Just remember to avoid looking like that girl who wears too much makeup, only play up one feature on your face at a time. If you remember that rule you should be rockin' your smokey eyed self!

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Cristina said...

You are my new favorite blog!!
Thanks for this post, I love the advice.