Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When you look down at your nails what do you see? Do you see a well manicured paw?

Here are some simple tips to keeping your nails in tip top shape!

1. use Cuticle oil daily - I keep mine at my desk, When I have a minute I put it one and rub it in. 2. get a good hand cream - I keep this too at my desk. The soap at works is horrible at drying out hands; so it gets used frequently!

3. Push back your Cuticles - You can do this after you have used your cuticle oil or after a good soak in warm water.

4. Buff the flakes off of your nails

5. invest in a buffer that will shine your nails

Other options

1. the Nail salon....Now, if attempting to use the nail salon; you MUST be vocal... Even if they pretend to not speak English.. You can get your point across. I once got into a verbal argument right there in the nail salon because the man was going to give me the square, white tips down to my cuticle, porn star look they he did on every woman that walked in... OH NO!!! I don't want my tips that far back; but miss you have to do to often if not... um, I don't care... I also want them round... No, miss this make you look old.. the young girls down square... Do, I look like I care if I look old? NO!! I want them round. And while we are at it; they are too thick; they need to be thinner!

My point is - if you want your nails a certain way - tell them; they may make fun of you, but they get it.

Now how do you know what type of nail to get at a salon?

Here is my rule; if you have great nails, meaning you can actually grow them out to where you don't look like you enjoy them for breakfast; you don't really need nails. Maybe a manicure every two weeks or so to keep them in shape; because who doesn’t want to be pampered... really!

If you have weak brittle nails that are no hope -I recommend Solar nails. This is why, they stay looking new longer. They are buffed to a shine so the polish never flakes or wears out. And pay attention to your natural nail; have them duplicate the same for the solar nail. Just because it is a fake nail doesn't mean we want it to look fake... I mean come on; not all of us are blessed with fabulous nails... Some of us have to work at it.

Acrylic nails - are great if you are on a tight budget and you just need something.

Silk nails - this is when they actually apply silk fabric onto the nail bed. I do not care for this look. It is noticeably fake... And it doesn't even look that good.

Solar nails – I believe they use the same acrylic products however; because they use a different process the outcome is different and much nicer.

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