Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunless Tanner................ahhh

So it is that time of year again when everyone wants to be a bronze goddess! However, some of us, the ones who think about the ageing process of our skin, are more practical about how we go about being the bronze goddess. And some of us gave up a long time ago, because lets me honest, I don't have to time or energy to keep up with it... That is where I stand... Right there, in that I don't have the patients to manage the upkeep. I have tried and I have tried, I admire those who can be persistent and have a nice skin tone. But it is not me. However, I have discovered the right and wrong ways to go about achieving the perfect glow from the sunless tanner.

This is very critical ladies! If you don't do this right you will suffer for at least a week. Sometimes even longer! First things first let’s talk product… You can’t be cheap here ladies… You get what you pay for is not just a cliché, it is a true statement! I have a couple of go to products when I need the glow for an event or perhaps an evening.. Or maybe I just choose to wear shorts that day and I need something instant. I am great at applying when I need it, just not good with the upkeep.

So, here is what I have found. If you are good at putting on a daily lotion, then you can get away with a gradual self tanner. These tend to work great and they do gradually give you a great color. If you are looking for a quick bronzed look and you only have a short amount of time, there are some great products out there. Don’t give up ladies each year these products are only getting better and better! It is like the computer each year something new and ground breaking comes along! So don’t ever give up on them completely. And try different products and don’t forget to try a different company. So, I have stumbled onto L’Oreal Sublime Bronzer gel and spray. I LOVE this stuff! This stuff works so quickly! The spray is great; it develops within a couple of hours. The gel is instant.

Rule number 1 before applying self tanner…
ALWAYS exfoliate… If you forgot this step, your tanner will not last as long, but it isn’t the end of the world.
Next, apply regular lotion, nothing with a tent or a gradual tanner. Applying regular lotion will enable the self tanner to not overdue certain areas… like knees, heels, elbows, toes… I always mess up my toes, but I am getting better. Also, another way you can keep these areas from over bronzing is to use Vaseline. As easy and basic as it sounds it is true! Plan ol’ Vaseline. Just lube up those areas then use your tanner.

Another very important thing to remember if you are using a spray tanner, do NOT put it up close to your skin. This is BAD and will look horrible and runny! Keep your distance and spray away. Also, don’t do your toes.. The drizzle from the rest of your body has covered your feet well. No need to over apply!

I hope this helps ladies. Now go get bronze!

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