Monday, June 2, 2008

Sun Block!

When it comes to sunblock and the mighty powerful sun; ALWAYS opt for using! Here are some tips!

1. First determine the level you are wanting..
I recommend always using at least spf 30 with UVA & UVB protection.

2. Put on the sunblock at least 30 minutes in advance before ever getting into the sun. This allows the sunblock to really sink into your pores enabling the ultimate in protection.

3. Replenish your sunblock at least every two hours.

4. If you are swimming while wearing your sunblock... Even though it says waterproof! Replenish at least every hour and let the sunblock set in before getting back into the water.

Sunblock is very important! Even when you are wearing sunblock you are still going to tan. Just be smart don't burn!!! Who wants a painful sunburn?

Be smart put on your sunblock thirty minutes before you go out in the sun, and replenish at least every two hours! protect yourself!

Be extra careful and wear sunscreen everyday; either in your foundation or put lotion. There are lots of products that put at least spf 15 in their foundation or lotions so take advantage of that. Do not rely on that as your only source of protection, you would have to put on a ton of foundation or lotion in order for it to protect you. But every bit helps!

I hope this information helps you with your sunblock confusion!


Cristina said...

Great post!
We are definitely big fans of sunscreen in my house!

About Danielle said...

I am so proud of yall! For numerous reasons!

*~Jess~* said...

Ok I'm being a bad girl. I have YET to buy my sunscreen moisturizer/tint. But I moisturize at least!