Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hair Removal Products

I am a BIG advocate of hair removal strategies! When it comes to hair removal what are you wanting? Do you need to watch the pocket book, or are you ready for whatever it takes to have the hair out of your life and never have to worry about it again?

Depending on what your personal options are this is what I suggest.

If you have some extra money; look into laser hair removal. I have had it and I would recommend it to ANYONE! It is wonderful and you don’t have to worry about the hair ever again! It does take multiple treatments so plan on the hair removal process taking a year and a half or so. I had my upper lip, chin and neck done for a total cost of 475ish.. I can’t remember the exact amount. But when I think about how much I was spending getting my lip waxed every couple of weeks; the cost quickly diminished. I highly recommend this. I am also going to be getting my legs done next; however you can not treat while you are pregnant, so I have to wait.

For a quick fix. I love the new Sally Hansen spray on hair removal spray. The order is tolerable, it works very quickly and it really works! I also like the Mouse. The only downside is that you spend $8 per bottle of this stuff and are lucky to get two-three treatments. And I have short legs..

I also like using my husbands razor. For me, it is a much closer shave! I use it with a women’s cream and I have a great close shave.

Now tricks for the bikini area; if you get razor burn or irritation from shaving the secret is Neosporin and Baby powder. Use the Neosporin as soon as you get done shaving then pat with the baby powder and you will NOT get the yucky irritation. This works like a gem.

My best advice; look into laser hair removal options in your area; chances are they are more affordable then you may think. Think if you spend 40 every few weeks on getting your bikini area done; with in a year you have spent at least 500 bucks! And probably for a couple hundred you could have had it permanently removed. Almost seems silly doesn’t it. And yes it does work! It takes time, but it is wonderful!


*~Jess~* said...

I like the bikini area trick! Very nice. And I'm gonna have to check out the spray too!

Cybelle Johnson said...

best product to remove unwanted hair for me is the nads hair removal products. Their sensitive hair removal creme is formulated with soothing agents to protect the skin whilst the active agents target the hair for effective and smooth removal.