Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After lunch with a couple of gal pals yesterday I feel it necessary to speak about moisturizers… And maybe a few other things we find in our bathroom cabinets.

Remember, these things do have an expiration date. If you can’t remember when you bought it or when someone gave it to you, TOSS IT! Don’t even hesitate. It could be more harm than good to your skin if it is old!

Everyone is in the same boat here when it comes to moisturizers.. Meaning, EVERYONE and every SKIN TYPE must moisturize. If you have oily skin, you will use a different moisturizer than someone with dry sensitive skin.

Also, it is important to note; that your neck is treated with the same care as your face. This too is skin that is susceptible to quick aging… No one wants a goose neck….

You are never too young to start taking good care of your face. However; if you are young lets say 14ish.. And you have acne trouble as most of us did at that age or some point. You will want to use a product that treats for acne, if you find this product to be too strong, try another. Not all products are created equal, what works on someone may not work with your particular body chemistry.

Most important, moisturize! Don’t just stop at the face, treat the whole body! Enjoy this me time! Get acquainted with your body. This might be the best time you have to pay attention to moles and sun spots.

If you have oily skin look it is just as important for you to moisturize. Moisturizing for oily skin will help rebalance your skin and you should eventually notice your skin calming down and not over producing oils. Just make sure you use a moisturizer that is oil free.

Dry skin you will want a moisturizer with oils in it. You can use either, but one with oil your skin will just drink up.

Then there is the combination skin type… I fall into this category my forehead is oily the rest of my face is normal. My forehead oil is drip from the scalp. It is important to try and pin point where your oils are coming from. Do you notice them around the eyes? Then your eye lashes are probably producing too much oil. You will want to adjust your eye makeup to non-smudging.


*~Jess~* said...

And don't forget about washing your makeup off every night! I love the neck comment because I always try to remember that so I won't have turkey neck when I'm 60 HAHA!

About Danielle said...

Yes, always wash off your makeup. Otherwise you age two times as fast...