Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your 5 minute Summer Face!

I have a friend going to the beach this weekend so I thought it was time that I address the quick summer face! Summer faces are supposed to be quick and help give you that extra glow!!!!

A few things you need for the perfect touch!

1. Moisturizer with SPF at least 15.

2. Bronzer! - a great bronzer is sometimes all you need! Bronzer should be applied with a wide fluffy brush and placed where ever the natural sun would hit your face; swept across the forehead, chin, nose, apples of the cheeks and neck. You can also decorate the d├ęcolletage with it. This will give you a warm glow! Remember your skin color when choosing the right one. If you have a lot of pink in your skin choose one that is more brownish. If you have olive skin choose a pinker one. For Yellow tones you can generally wear either depending on the darkness of the shade. My favorite is the Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder. It has a fantastic color!

3. waterproof mascara - I do NOT recommend this for daily use; but for water purposes it is great. I love the new LOREAL Voluminous Natrurale in a the yellow/golden tube. This new formula does NOT clump! I feel like it is more of a stain than a thick nastiness that I am putting on my eyes. Plus they have a true brown black! I love it!

4. lip gloss with spf at least 15 (Clinique has a long wearing, fabulous one! in many shades)

I have a slight variation if I am going out.

5. Champagne colored eye shadow - when choosing a shadow opt for a cream, they last longer and if you have oily eyes (meaning your eyeliner and shadow never stay, because your eye lashes produce too much oil) this will make your life so much easier! They won't run or smudge after they are set. usually in 30 seconds or so. I use the clinique touch tint for eyes in Nude Sparkle.

6. Eye liner - Again, opt for a cream liner. Cream liners are long lasting and don't smudge once they are set. There are some that are waterproof! Cream liners take a little practice but you will apply with a fine brush - Sally's Beauty supply has a fantastic liner brush, at a great price! The one I love is clinique's brush-on cream liner in Black honey. This is a beautiful color!

This is my staple for summer! Enjoy! And really embrace your natural beauty!

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Proper Paige said...

I love it! What would I do without you? Thanks for the beach tips!